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Meaningful play, made simple.

Rental subscription for educational toy boxes. Developed by moms, approved by experts, and delivered to your doorstep.

How Tribu works

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<p>Choose your first box, then your preferred subscription, and dive into a world of adventure and learning. Get started today!</p>
<p>Unbox and dive right in! Tribu toys promise endless enjoyment for both the young and the young-at-heart. Dive into fun now!</p>
<p>Request a swap online and return your rented toys.</p>
<p>Your next Tribu Box sets off, guaranteeing uninterrupted fun!</p>

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Our Subscriptions

Easy subscriptions, no hidden costs.

Rental insurance

Box swaps included

14 day return policy


6 month contract | All fun included.



Save over €350 and 10kg of waste versus buying

Two free box swaps included

Best deal!
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12 month contract | A whole year of fun.



Unlimited box swaps ∞

Save over €750 and 20kg of waste versus buying

€25 Gifcard for our Tribu Shop


3-Month Commitment | All the flexibility and all the fun included.


1 free box swap every 3 months

Save over €160 and 5kg of waste vs. buying

What Tribu parents are saying

Great Toys, Second Chance: Sustainable Play at its Best!

Welcome to Tribu Shop – where toys come with a story! Previously the headliners of our Tribu Box rentals, these cherished toys have taken a bow as we update our selection. Still in prime form and ready for fun, these educational treasures await their next chapter. Give them a look!
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What does the press say about Tribu?

„Tribu's rental model is revolutionizing the toy world“
„Sustainable, clever, varied. What more could you want?“
„Tribu lives the much needed change. Stop buying and start sharing!“
„No more plastic toys in landfills or the ocean. Tribu finally makes play sustainable.“
„Tribu does what there should have been all along.“


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