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Squirrel-Box27 months+

Your toddler becomes smarter and stronger every passing minute. You’d be surprised that they already know how to use magic words like “please” and “sorry”. They might even say “excuse me” as they walk down a narrow corridor with you. It is indeed a joy to see them growing, and it should inspire us to supplement their growth with worthwhile toys and activities.

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School Bus

Climb aboard the school bus and let your child's imagination take the wheel! This sturdy wooden bus comes with six fun characters waiting for a day of fun and learning. The bus is the perfect size for little hands and is ideal for endless creative play and storytelling.

Shape Nesting

Using three types of geometric hollow blocks (cube, cylinder and triangle), children are invited to explore spatial relation, early mathematical skills and hand-eye coordination. Have fun matching, stacking and nesting the various shapes, and stimulate your problem-solving skills by completing the puzzle successfully!

Gear and Puzzle

Appeal to your child's mechanical mind with this gear puzzle. This toy allows the child to experiment with gears and make their own open-ended puzzle design to fully grasp how and why gears work the way they do. This toy is also made out of baby-safe rubber wood and is so pleasing to touch.

Also included for parents

Eichhörnchen Activity Guide

Our guide is a curated resource filled with tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to make the most of the toys in your Tribu Box. Discover how they can support your child's brain development and enjoy educational activities together.

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