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About us

''Tribu is all we wanted as first-time parents and we could never find. So, we built it.''

Cilia Laug & Daniela Illanes

Our Story

Once upon a time, two Berlin-based moms who are everything but parenting experts (yes, really!) We have met in a birth preparation course. That's us! Everyone else in the course was talking about the wonders of birth and how amazing parenting is. We both felt... different. We couldn't help but think: if it is all so easy and natural, why are we so overwhelmed?

The expectations are high as a skyscraper. Everyone expects you to be the perfect parent because raising a child is the greatest of responsibilities, but wow, it is hard. Where do you get the best pram? carrier? clothes? toys? What kind of toys do you give them? 

when? why? Are these toys sustainable? Are they safe? Am I even doing anything right?! These questions haunt us even during our sleep. We've been there and it wasn't pretty. We also had no time to research every single bit of information out there with a tiny human to care for. 

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So, we built exactly what we wanted. From parents and for parents. Curious about how we did it? The secret is just a sprinkle of the magic formula we love as parents - toys! We believe that our kids deserve only the best toys, so we hired top specialists in the child-development field. Together as a team (or should we say tribu), we and our experts embarked on a journey to make and maintain a carefully crafted selection of the best toys and activities for each stage.   

A neuroscientist and researcher from Cambridge and Oxford? Check! An experienced pediatrician to look into safety? No problem! Certified Montessori teachers? Yep! Educators? You got it! Oh, and a midwife? That too!  

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Our values

We are parents ourselves and therefore want to make everything as simple as possible. We care that our toys are sustainable and stay in circulation through our rental model. Of course, we also want our toys to be a guide for busy and curious parents.

That's how our Tribu was born.

We are convinced that Tribu will change the way we play forever.


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