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How does it work?

Easy-peasy! We offer plans (1, 6, or 12 months), you select what suits your family, and place a subscription. Voila! Age-appropriate toys for your kiddo will be delivered right away.

Once your little one is ready to learn new things (and play with new toys), you can send us your box back . After you printed your free return label, we'll send you the next Tribu box to keep your baby happy and learning. 


Is Tribu a rental service?

Yes, but we are not your ordinary rental service. Tribu is a high-quality rental service for high quality educational toys with matching activity guides. We are parents just like you, so we offer nothing less than the best for your child.


Why rent and not buy?

Renting saves your budget and the environment. At Tribu, we are huge supporters of sustainability, and we aspire to apply it to everything we do. In addition, especially young children develop at a rapid pace and constantly outgrow their toys by developing new interests and skills. But don't worry! If your child falls in love with a toy, you can keep it for a small fee. 


What is your philosophy?

Should toys be fun? Yes. But should they also be educational and durable? Definitely! At Tribu, this is what we believe.  We treat toys as tools for your child's learning and not just random stuff that takes up so much space at home. Let us make your parenting duties less stressful!

Tribu promises sustainability, a circular economy, and a tidy home - but not just these. We are parents too, you know! We want to provide you with educational, safe, and clean toys for your child to use and enjoy. Because when they are happy, so are we.

To make sure we live up to our promise, Tribu consults its board of experts in making and curating our toy boxes and activity guides. No magic, only science and research. This way, we can give you the best resources for your child's development.    


Who are the Founders?

Once upon a time, two Berlin-based moms who are everything but parenting experts (yes, really!) met in a birth preparation course. That's us! Everyone else in the course was talking about the wonders of birth and how amazing parenting is. We both felt... different. We couldn't help but think: if it is all so easy and natural, why are we so overwhelmed?

To hear more about the magical tale of Tribu's beginnings, click here. 


What is Tribu's relationship with Ravensburger?

Ravensburger has invested in Tribu in 2022 and works closely with us. Tribu receives a lot of support from Ravensburger regarding the further expansion, business strategy and more.




Our toys


Are Tribu toys safe?


Each Tribu toy your baby touches is not only long-lasting; it also exceeds the health, safety, and environmental standards for toys sold in the European Economic Area. We have a knack for perfection, obviously.

Upon receiving a toy box back, we roll our sleeves and do the job. Disinfect and clean the toys (every nook and cranny). Inspect for damage and do needed repairs. Then we pack them again so another child can enjoy our Tribu toy box!


Are your products approved by experts?

Without a doubt!

There's nothing inside our toy box that did not go through a needle's eye. Experts in the field of education and neuroscience helped us in inspecting and selecting our toys and guides. It was a bloody process (well, not literally) but they made sure that all toys will be safe and appropriate for your little one.  


My kid broke a toy. What now?

First of all, don't be mad at them! It's absolutely no problem as all subscription types are covered by rental insurance.

Tribu is our way of making sure that good toys get used again and again, from one kid to another. We trust that you treat the toys as if they were yours, but if they get damaged, no biggie! Just do the following:

1. Set the toy aside. Broken parts may be bad for your baby.
2. Inform us at right away. We will send a replacement ASAP. 
3. At the end of the rental period, send the entire toy box (including the broken toy) back to us.

We will do our best to save broken toys! Those that are beyond repair will be disposed of properly for recycling (hurray!). Again - you won't be charged for any broken toys. At all. 


Can I buy toys from my Tribu Box?

We have some good news - yes!

If your kids (or even you!) get attached to a beautiful toy, they don't have to say goodbye. You can keep it! No need to sweat. When you return your box, we'll check stock right away and then charge your account based on the toys you held on to.

And for our subscribers, here's a hack: our toys are up to 60% off retail price as an exclusive benefit to our Tribu parents. What a snatch! 


From what age can my child play with Tribu toys?

From birth we already have a toy box that is suitable for them! And we're not kidding.


Will the toys in my box come with instructions?

Yes, of course. There's no way we'll leave you clueless!

Each individual box includes a step-by-step guide for parents. Our activity guides are approved by child brain development experts, and written just like a recipe! All the good stuff summarized and presented crystal clear for busy parents (like we all are). 


How do I store my Tribu toys?

We don't like the hassle, so we recommend storing it in the box we sent it in and place it in a dry and cool place. You can also store it wherever you like. As you can see, our toys are very beautiful and decor-friendly. Feel free to display Tribu toys in your living room!

After your rental period, we strongly suggest returning the toys in the same box. Like we always say, re-using is amusing. 


Can I clean my Tribu toy?

Yes, please! Kids touch (and even bite) their toys a lot, so you need to clean them every once in a while. Just use a slightly damp cloth and be gentle. 


How do I choose the appropriate level for my child?

We already have that covered. Our toy boxes are sorted by age (of children, not parents!). So when you're on the toys page, just input your kid's age and we'll match you with a toy box. 


Up to what age can my child use Tribu toys?

We have boxes for up to 36 months. For now. But we are constantly expanding so keep an eye out for good news!


What happens if my toys have signs of usage?

Tribu’s main purpose is to reduce our environmental impact while providing you with toys your child needs to work on their new developmental skills.  We care that our toys are sustainable and stay in circulation through our rental model the longest time possible, therefore it may happen that sometimes you receive toys with normal wear and tear but that are still fully capable of fulfilling their intended purpose. That is a good thing!  

If however, you believe that the toy’s functionality is compromised in any way we  would be happy to send you a replacement. You will receive a separate email with the new tracking number. Please do not use the defective material. When you return your box, just pack everything up. Our team will check and repair it.







How does the subscription really work?


Choose your first box, subscribe and have it delivered. As a Tribu-member you will receive a stage-appropriate toy box - carefully selected and precisely suited to the development of your child.


Enjoy your toys as soon as they get delivered! Tribu's toys are loved by children, adored by parents and approved by experts. Our aim is to make playtime fun, both for you and your kids.


Saying bye-bye to your toys doesn't need to be sad! Return your box and we'll send you a new one ASAP. And if your baby gets attached to a specific toy - they can have it for a small fee.


Will my Tribu subscription be automatically renewed?

It depends on your subscription type. Check these out.

Monthly subscription: Your payments will be made monthly from your preferred payment method. It's all automatic, no need to pay monthly invoices or something. Feel like Tribu does not meet your child's needs? You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

6 Month subscription: Yup, automatic renewal to monthly subscription happens after the 6-month contract. You'll get to keep the lower price, though. And once you're transferred to a monthly subscription, you may cancel any time as you see fit.

12 Month subscription: Yup, automatic renewal to monthly subscription happens after the 12-month contract. You'll get to keep the lower price, though. And once you're transferred to a monthly subscription, you may cancel any time as you see fit. 


What do I get with my Tribu box subscription?

Each toy box is a treasure trove! You'll get:

1. Around 7-9 premium educational toys

2. Rental insurance included (because life happens)

3. Free box swaps for shipping and returns

4. Tools for busy parents: toy guide, activity ideas, exclusive workshops, and more

5. Flexibility. You can give back the toys - anytime

6. Convenience: we'll send the next box as soon as you return the last one. 

7. Save 490€ and more than 20kg of waste yearly* calculation based on the average box retail price, four swaps per year, and the average weight of each box.

8. Expert approval: our boxes are specially curated by child development professionals

9. Up to 60% off of retail if your kid wants to keep their favorite toy/s

10. Clean toys: we inspect and disinfect each returned toy down to the last spot


What does the rental insurance cover?

Here's a surprise - it covers everything!

Kids will be kids. We should let them play how they want (safely, of course). And we don't want Tribu parents to worry that their children will break or get a toy dirty. That's why we ensure that our toys are super good quality and made to last forever. To infinity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear would say. 

Alas! Life happens. The toys may get broken. But that's okay - all you need to do is return the toy. You won't be charged for any damage. Thanks to the rental insurance!

Take note that missing toys and parts will be charged, so remember to send all the pieces of the broken toys. 


How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

Your personal Tribu account is a one-stop shop! You can use it to manage or cancel your subscription. We designed our platform to offer you transparent, flexible, and stress-free pricing. Because who loves surprise additional fees?!

Monthly subscriptions can be canceled anytime, but not the 6-month and 12-month contracts. You really need to wait until the agreed date before cancellation (trust us, it doesn't take long). One month before the end of your long-term contract, log in to your Tribu account and make sure to cancel so your subscription won't be renewed.

What if you forgot to do that? No panic! Any long-term subscription will be renewed as a monthly subscription. Breathe easy - you can still cancel anytime. And because we know you are all busy parents, we'll give you a heads up before your subscription renews. We want you to stay with us, but we'll remind you anyway. 


Are the toys in my Tribu box clean and hygienic?

At Tribu, we treat germs as our biggest (tiny) enemy. We don't want them on our toys so every time they are returned, we battle germs right there and then. We clean each toy with a vegan and child-safe disinfectant. And to ensure even the toughest germs get eliminated, we use UV light to sterilize. 


Do I have to return the toy?

Yes, but also no!

Normally, we follow the Tribu cycle so that toys (and joys) are passed from child to child.

But your little one can fall in love with a toy or two. In that case, feel free to keep it! You don't have to do anything. We'll check the box you returned and debit your account with the cost of the toy/s you kept. No fuss, no muss. 


What happens if I lose a toy?

That's a pity.

A small amount will be charged to your account. Also, incomplete toys - those with missing parts - are tagged as lost. So check, check, and check before you return the toy box. 

In case of a toy loss, you don't have to do anything. We will check the box you returned and debit your account with the cost of the (sadly) missing toys. 





Shipping & returns

How much does shipping cost?

Simple - free of charge for deliveries within Germany.

Deliveries to Austria cost 5,99€.


What about the return costs?

Again, it's free for delieveries within Germany and Austria.


Where do you ship to?

For now, only to Germany and Austria. It's sad that international shipping fees aren't super friendly. 

Don't worry though - we are doing our best to bring Tribu to the rest of Europe by forming local partnerships. Keep your eyes peeled!


How do I swap my box to receive the next one?

We like to keep this process easy. Just follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your customer account

2. Click on the current subscription

3. At the bottom, click on “Swap”

4. You should receive a return label to your email address (check your spam folder!)

That's it! All that's left to do is bring it to your local post store. The next box will be automatically on its way. 







Other questions


What happens to very old toys?

Magic things! There are three possibilities:

1. After a box is returned, we inspect each toy and disinfect them until they become squeaky clean. We will do repairs as needed. Then, the toys that are good as new will go to a new Tribu box for the next child. 

2. Some toys are still great, but not quite up to the highest standards we've set for our Tribu Box. We donate these toys so that more kids can enjoy them.

3. Some toys are... let's just say beyond saving. We properly dispose of these toys for recycling.  


Will I get exactly the same toys I see in the website pictures?

Yes, in 99% of the cases, you'll get the same toy you see on the website. However, sometimes we experience delays from our suppliers and we replace the toy with something of equal monetary and educational value.


Who do I contact with questions, comments, and problems?

At Tribu, we are a family. And we are here to help. 

Feel free to email us at


How do I contact the marketing team?

We would love to connect with you! The more, the merrier. We want this tribu to grow and if you see yourself working with us, hit us up at



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