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Schleich Safari Box
Schleich Safari Box3 Years+

Embark on a thrilling adventure to the heart of the wild right from your living room! Unwrap the Mini Safari Box, filled with the most exquisite and detailed wild animal figurines poised to bring vivid imaginations to life. From the robust roars of the lion to the majestic strides of the elephant, let your little ones plunge into the world of wilderness tales and craft their own extraordinary safari adventures. Perfect for hands-on learning or merely for a wild escapade, our set is destined to captivate hearts and ignite imaginative play.

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Giraffe Pair

Stretch into the treetops with our Giraffe Pair! The set includes a graceful giraffe cow and her adorable calf. With towering necks and spotted coats, they're ready to inspire your child's curiosity about the tallest animals on land and the fascinating African savanna where they roam.

Elephant Family

Embark on a safari adventure with our Elephant Family collection. Featuring a grand matriarch, a formidable bull, and an adorable calf, this trio brings the spirit of the savanna right to your home. Perfect for fostering an appreciation for wildlife and the intricate social structures of these majestic creatures

Gorilla Family Set

Embrace the wild with our Gorilla Family Set, featuring a protective mother gorilla and her playful little ones. These figurines offer a glimpse into the family dynamics of these powerful yet gentle giants of the forest, encouraging a nurturing playtime as your child learns about primate bonds and care in the animal kingdom.

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Tribu Activity Guide

Unlock 20 vibrant activities to explore with your child. This guide, packed with insights and suggestions, elevates your toy experiences, blending education and joy seamlessly.

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