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Brio Box
Brio Box3 Years+

Discover the BRIO Box: your child's first step into a world of imaginative play. This set includes a dynamic mix of trains and emergency vehicles, designed to spark creativity and learning. With engaging features like a rechargeable train and a fire engine with lights and sounds, the BRIO Box offers endless opportunities for fun and developmental growth. Perfect for fostering problem-solving skills and motor coordination, it's the ideal introduction to a customizable adventure.

Explore the toys inside!

BRIO - Passenger Train Starter Set A

Starter Train Starter Set A has everything you need to build your first BRIO railway and start your BRIO World adventure. Use the 22-piece train set to build a classic figure of eight track with a tunnel and bridge crossing in the middle and a platform for passengers. The driver sits at the front of the train, the passenger waits on the platform with his luggage and the journey begins on the legendary BRIO wooden tracks.

BRIO - Track Starter Assortment B

BRIO World Starter Train Sets can be extended with Track Starter Assortment B. This track extension pack contains a selection of wooden railway pieces that can be used to build five extra tracks for the Starter Train A Starter Set. Straight tracks of different lengths, switches and connecting tracks can be combined either by following the track suggestions or by creating your own track designs.

BRIO - Red Battery Train

A fun train ride! The fun never ends with this rechargeable train. This modern train comes with a USB charging cable so you can keep going for a long time. The conductor makes sure the train leaves and arrives on time.

Also included for parents

BRIO - Guide

Our guide is a curated resource filled with tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to make the most of the toys in your Tribu Box. Discover how they can support your child's brain development and enjoy educational activities together.

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