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Hedgehog Box
Hedgehog Box 0 months+

As a newborn, your little one is ready to meet the world. This box will show you how to support your little one’s developing vision and grasping strength. In the first 3 months your baby will be attracted by faces, bright lights and colours, stripes, dots and patterns.

Explore the toys inside!

Grasping Rings

Let baby explore texture, sounds and weight with this natural material toy. It's perfect to exercise their grip and train adjusting their grasp.

Contrast Book

This book is a treat for your child's developing eyesight. Newborns CAN see in color, but they can only discern high-contrast images, so these black and white images are perfect for attracting your child's attention.

Contrast Cards

Use these cards to beautify your child's space, to give them a point of interest near their changing table, or to enjoy during their movement time. These versatile and beautiful cards are stimulating for the eyes and your child's developing language when you speak about them to your baby.

Also included for parents

Igel Activity Guide

Our guide is a curated resource filled with tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to make the most of the toys in your Tribu Box. Discover how they can support your child's brain development and enjoy educational activities together.

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What happens after your child grows?

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Mouse Box • 3M+

Tummy time, sensory exploration, social awareness

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