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Wild boar Box
Wild boar Box18 months+

At 18 months old, your toddler may still look small and frail, but they are actually capable of many things by now. Steadier walking, a sense of humor, maybe a few short sentences - all these, they will be having very soon. The toys they play with should also adapt to ensure that they change according to what your child needs.

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Threading Toy

This fun crocodile toy needs to be completed by stringing on four beads to complete his body. To achieve this, your child will develop concentration and refine their tactile skills.

Big Animals Puzzle

Did you like playing Tetris growing up? This puzzle has a similar feeling, but made with wood and recycled plastic. Use it as a vocabulary game and a creative toy combining different animal shapes into the quadratic base.

Rainbow Stacker

This open-ended sensory toy will awaken your child's imagination. They can be used for color or size sorting, building, stacking, and all kinds of child-led games. This lovely rainbow will also beautify your little one's play space.

Also included for parents

Wildschwein Activity Guide

Our guide is a curated resource filled with tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to make the most of the toys in your Tribu Box. Discover how they can support your child's brain development and enjoy educational activities together.

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Rabbit Box • 21M+

Motor skills, real life, language skills

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