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Schleich Dino Box
Schleich Dino Box3 Years+

Journey back in time to the era of dinosaurs in the coziness of your home! Step into our Mini Dino Box, packed with the most extraordinary and detailed dinosaur figurines ready to bring spirited imaginations to life. From the thunderous roars of the T-Rex to the gentle grazing of the Triceratops, let your little ones dive into the world of prehistoric tales and construct their unique dinosaur adventures. Perfect for hands-on learning or just for some roaring dinosaur fun, our set is designed to captivate hearts and spark creative play.

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The Ankylosaurus figurine, armored from head to toe, is the tank of the dinosaur world. This peaceful herbivore is well-prepared to defend itself with its heavy club-like tail, offering an interactive way to learn about dinosaur defense mechanisms.


The Amargasaurus figurine, with its distinctive double row of spines, introduces an element of the bizarre and fascinating to the prehistoric collection, sparking curiosity about the diverse species of the dinosaur age.


Stretching skyward, the Brachiosaurus figurine represents the gentle giants of the Jurassic era. Its long neck reaching for the treetops, this herbivore brings a touch of ancient grace to your child's dinosaur collection.

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