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5 Phrases to Teach Your Child to Develop a Montessori Mindset

Implementing the Montessori Method as a parent or caregiver can seem so overwhelming. There can be a lot of pressure when you’re trying to use principles from a globally recognized, acclaimed philosophy without any formal training; we get it! But what if we told you that beginning to implement Montessori in your home could be as easy as teaching your child five key phrases?
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Published on 2022. August 08.
Written by Heather White
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Heather White, Ed.S., M.Ed., is a content creator and blogger for the American Montessori Society. She is also a Montessori in-home teacher, a Montessori educational consultant for the Andrews Educational Institute and a Montessori educator for adult learners through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. Formerly, she was a Montessori classroom guide, Lower Elementary Coordinator, and Associate Head of School. She is AMS credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I) and is a Certified School Psychologist. Heather looks forward to putting her years of experience and educational knowledge to use by inspiring all of those who cross her path and continuing to positively impact the lives of children through the work of Montessori by way of parents, caregivers, and educators.


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