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Top 5 Toys That Promote Communication for Children

It’s so important for our children to be able to communicate their ideas and feelings to us. In fact, being able to effectively express oneself clearly and confidently is considered an essential life skill!
Language & Communication
Logical Thinking

Published on 2022. August 09.
Written by Heather White
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Heather White, Ed.S., M.Ed., is a content creator and blogger for the American Montessori Society. She is also a Montessori in-home teacher, a Montessori educational consultant for the Andrews Educational Institute and a Montessori educator for adult learners through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. Formerly, she was a Montessori classroom guide, Lower Elementary Coordinator, and Associate Head of School. She is AMS credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I) and is a Certified School Psychologist. Heather looks forward to putting her years of experience and educational knowledge to use by inspiring all of those who cross her path and continuing to positively impact the lives of children through the work of Montessori by way of parents, caregivers, and educators.


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