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Keep a toy

Have you or your kid fallen head over heels for a specific toy? No worries, you're not the only one. You can keep any Tribu toy in your box for a small fee.


HedgehogMunari Mobile24,90€
HedgehogContrast Book5,60€
HedgehogMusic Box15,99€
HedgehogNewborn Rattle12,00€
HedgehogSeed Rattle11,90€
HedgehogOctahedron Mobile14,90€
HedgehogGrasping Rings14,00€
HedgehogContrast Cards11,96€
MouseDancers mobile24,90€
MouseGobbi mobile26,90€
MouseLittle mirrow19,90€
MouseInterlocking disks5,90€
MouseCylinder rattle6,00€
MouseBells Mobile21,90€
MouseMotoric Ball – Grip15,90€
MouseMotoric Ball10,39€
MouseGrasping Ball15,99
FoxMusical Eggs11,99€
FoxRolling Drum23,99€
FoxWobbly Penguin13,60€
FoxNesting cups9,99€
FoxObject Permanence Box17,90€
FoxPincer Grasp Block5,60€
FoxMini Book6,39€
BearRolling Rattle36,90€
BearBook of Emotions5,90€
BearSensory Blocks19,99€
BearPush balls set34,90€
Bear3D-Form Puzzle23,99€
BearShape puzzle14,90€
BearRing Stacker17,90€
DuckChicken Nesting21,56€
DuckPop-up Toy18,00€
DuckShapes Puzzle15,90€
DuckHorizontal Stacker11,90€
DuckSorting Shapes16,90€
DuckCoin Box14,90€
DeerPush and Pull Walker34,90€
DeerClimbing Man17,90€
DeerCurved Stacker9,90€
DeerNature Stacker18,39€
DeerGeometric Form Puzzle16,93€
DeerAnimal Puzzle14,90€
Wild BoarDrum18,39€
Wild BoarTree Stacker24,90€
Wild BoarBolts and Nuts19,90€
Wild BoarBig Animals Puzzle31,92€
Wild BoarThreading Toy10,39€
Wild BoarRainbow22,39€
Wild BoarCar Ramp49,90€
RabbitSort & Count19,90€
RabbitPull Along Snail17,90€
RabbitCone Sorting32,00€
RabbitFishing Game14.00€
RabbitAnimal Matching31,92€
RabbitCube Puzzle14,80€


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